2017 New Holland Construction C234

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New Holland Construction



More Digging and Pushing Power by Design

This model features radial-lift boom geometry, with the boom connected directly to the frame for outstanding pushing and excavating power. Maximum reach is achieved at roughly eye level during operation, making it ideal for loading and unloading flatbed trucks and trailers.

  • A Stable Ride and Plenty of Traction: Dozer-style undercarriage allows 200 Series compact track loaders to take command in muddy or sandy terrain, as well as on slopes. The simple, rigid-track frame offers greater durability and easier maintenance compared to suspension-track systems.
  • Superior Comfort: New Holland knows a comfortable operator is more productive. That’s why New Holland designed a cab with superior comfort and convenience and incorporates it into every 200 Series skid steer and compact track loader model. No matter which model you choose, you get a cab that’s one of the widest in the industry, with more head room and shoulder room and joystick controls that come naturally to your fingertips. Every model may also include an optional heated seat.
  • Unmatched Visibility: Visibility is a significant advantage when you choose a New Holland compact track loader. A low threshold to the front, a large rear window, large screen openings to the side and a see-through area on the cab roof assure you have a clear view in all directions.
  • Maintenance Made Easy-Unrivaled Access: When service is easy, it’s more likely to get done, so you can reach all daily maintenance checkpoints by opening the rear hood and door. The convenient New Holland flip-top cab allows you to tilt the entire cab assembly forward, if necessary, for complete access to your machine components.
  • Easy Hydraulic Hook-Up: Connect under pressure (CUP) hydraulic fittings are standard equipment for simple hydraulic hook-up of attachments. By pushing on the fitting, you release hydraulic line pressure in both machine and attachment. (Optional High-Flow Auxiliaries shown)
  • Manufacturer/model: FPT / F5B FL413E
  • Bore/stroke, in (mm): 3.9 x 4.3 (99 x 109)
  • Displacement, in3 (L): 207.5 (3.4)
  • Fuel injection: HPCR Direct
  • Air intake: Turbocharged Aftercooled with external EGR
  • Horsepower per SAE J1349 Gross hp (kW): 90 (67) @ 2500 rpm
  • Horsepower per SAE J1349 Net hp (kW): 84 (63) @ 2500 rpm
  • Peak torque, lb-ft (Nm): 282 (383) @ 1400 rpm
Power Train
  • Travel speed, low range, mph (km/h): 5.1 (8.2)
  • Travel speed, high range (optional), mph (km/h): 7.6 (12.2)
  • Height to Bucket hinge pin, in (mm): 126.5 (3215)
  • Height to Top of ROPS, in (mm): 80.4 (2043)
  • Bottom of level bucket, fully raised, in (mm): 119.6 (3038)
  • Overall length without attachment with coupler, in (mm): 118.7 (3016)
  • Dump angle, degrees: 38.1
  • Dump reach (max height), in (mm): 21.6 (548)
  • Rollback, bucket on ground, degrees: 29.7
  • Rollback, bucket at full height, degrees: 99.7
  • Track on ground, in (mm): 64.5 (1639)
  • Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan), in (mm): 9.5 (243)
  • Angle of departure, degrees: 32
  • Clearance circle without bucket, in (mm): 57.7 (1466)
  • Clearance circle rear, in (mm): 67.9 (1725)
  • Overall width, in (mm): 76 (1930)
  • Ground pressure, PSI (with spec belt): 4.4
Hydraulic System
  • Pump flow, gpm (Lpm): 24.2 (91.5)
  • Optional high flow, gpm (Lpm): 37.6 (142.5)
  • Relief pressure, psi (bar): 3046 (210)
Performance Specs
  • Rated operating load, 50% tip, lbs (kg): 3400 (1542)
  • Rated operating load, 35% tip, lbs (kg): 2380 (1080)
  • Tipping load, lbs (kg): 6800 (3084)
  • Breakout force, lift cylinder, lbs (kN): 7760 (34.5)
  • Breakout force, bucket cylinder, lbs (kN): 8700 (38.7)
  • Operating weight, lbs (kg): 10000 (4536)



Engine Type
F5B FL413E
Engine Manufacturer
Gross: 90 hp (67 kW); Net: 84 hp (63 kW)
Rated RPM
2500 rpm
Turbocharged Aftercooled with external EGR


SAE Rated Operating Capacity
50% Tip: 3400 lb. (1542 kg); 35% Tip: 2380 lb. (1080 kg)
Bucket Capacity
Tipping Load: 6800 lb. (3084 kg)
Max Ground Speed
5.1 mph (8.2 km/h); Optional: 7.6 mph (12.2 km/h)
118.7 in. (3016 mm)
76 in. (1930 mm)
To Bucket hinge pin: 126.5 in. (3215 mm); Top of ROPS: 80.4 in. (2043 mm)
10000 lb. (4536 kg)


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